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  1. How long have you been a vegan?

    1. 0-1 year
    2. 2-5 years
    3. 5-10 years
    4. 10-20 years
    5. 20+ years
    35 votes
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  2. Why did you go vegan in the first place?

    1. For my health.
    2. For the animals.
    3. For the the planet.
    4. All the above reasons.
    32 votes
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  3. What's your favorite plant-based milk?

    1. Rice Milk
    2. Oat Milk
    3. Almond Milk
    4. Soy Milk
    5. Cashew Milk
    6. Coconut Milk
    7. Hemp Milk
    30 votes
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  4. Hummus or Guacamole?

    1. Hummus
    2. Guac
    3. None
    31 votes
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  5. What happened to your non-vegan clothes / makeups / accessories?

    1. I disposed them.
    2. I gave them away.
    3. I still use my old belongings, but won't be buying anymore.
    31 votes
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  6. Would you ever consider dating a non-vegan?

    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. I'm already dating a non-vegan. It's not *that* bad!
    4. Already dating one (and it's tough!)
    31 votes
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  7. How supportive is your family of your vegan lifestyle?

    1. Very supportive.
    2. They're indifferent.
    3. Annoyingly unsupportive.
    31 votes
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  8. Favorite 'meat substitute'?

    1. Tofu
    2. Tempeh
    3. Seitan
    4. Jackfruit
    5. Soy Chunks (Textured Vegetable Protein)
    31 votes
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  9. Thoughts on junk vegan foods?

    1. I completely avoid them.
    2. I try to avoid them.
    3. Don't care. Bring it on!
    31 votes
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  10. Most annoying 'arguement' against Veganism

    1. "But plants have feelings too!"
    2. "Where do you get your proteins from?"
    3. "Humans are on the top of food chain."
    4. "I only eat meats and eggs from free-range farms."
    5. "God created animals for us to eat."
    6. "If we don't eat them, they'll over-populate the earth!"
    30 votes
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  11. Does Vegan activism interest you?

    1. No. I don't want to tell people what they ought to do.
    2. Somewhat. I occasionally talk about animal rights + health + climate issues with my families / friends and try to red pill them.
    3. Yes, I'm a full blown vegan activist and I'm always engaged in dialogues, protests, and events.
    31 votes
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  12. How often do you eat out at a restaurant?

    1. Never, because there isn't any vegan restaurant around.
    2. Sometimes at a vegan restaurant.
    3. Often at a vegan restaurant.
    4. Sometimes at a non-vegan restaurant. Although the menu is really limited and the experience is troublesome.
    31 votes
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  13. Do you think Vegan lifestyle is more economical?

    1. Absolutely. I've saved a lot by going vegan.
    2. I say it's about the same.
    3. Weird, but my food bills have actually gone up.
    30 votes
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  14. Best platform to connect with fellow vegans

    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
    3. WhatsApp / WhatsApp Groups
    4. YouTube
    5. Meetups
    6. Potlucks
    28 votes
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